Hunger Hydraulics Korea

Hunger Hydraulics Korea supplies valves and fittings for ultra-high pressure and cryogenic temperatures used in eco-friendly energy fields such as wave power, hydrogen and LNG.
It is applied to components and systems with a pressure range of 500 to 10,000 bar.
Relevant procedures and processes are determined and documented to ensure that all products always comply with safety regulations. ATEX certification can be also provided upon request.
The materials laboratory provides the latest research results and material analysis by development experts to ensure the optimal combination of materials and processes for each application.

We supply various products and provide related services such as Air-Operated High-Pressure Pump, High-Pressure Containers, Safety Valves, Extreme Temperatures Vaves.

High pressure systems for automation and monitoring with pneumatic actuators are available.
The air operated price estimator, which can be very robust and powerful, comes in two.
  • ATO (air open), compressed with compressed air.
  • ATC (air-closed), closed with compressed air
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