Hunger Hydraulics Korea

Hunger Hydraulics Korea is joint venture Company With Hunger Group in Germany.
We supply to various Industrial fields with Compete line up based on wide range of related components, System and Solution, Engineering, Production & Commissioning at site including project management to Major business segements ; Defense, Offshore / Marine, Oil & Gas, Dam, SOC Project & Water level Control, Power Plant, Steel Mill Mobile Hydraulic, Aerospace, Petrochemical, and new Energy industrial application with excellent products and high end quality, related conditions for market which integrated technologies and Know-how with worldwide Hunger's network for customer's success and satisfaction.
Hunger Hydraulics Korea close to global leading company thanks to our value of creativity & future with high performance and skilled staffs.
Your partner for complete solution with long terms of business.

Hunger Hydraulics Korea C.E.O Sungwook Huh

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