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HUNGER Hydraulics Korea
Hunger Hydraulic Korea is
company for Drive & Control, Engineering Hydraulic System and Motion & Monitoring Technologies to various business fields.
As a company that supplies manufacturing and supply from engineering, site installation / commissioning and project management
in one package, In all aspects, it has led to the highest level of component quality and production and product know-how essential
to the manufacture of systems, and we provide integrated solutions based on our accumulated experience and achievements.
As a business partner of your company that continuously strives for perfect quality assurance, we will always meet your needs with trust and technology.

Founded in 1945, the Hunger Group today focuses on providing various solutions centered on hydraulics and automobiles as its core field,
and the major fields of the hydraulics business are classified into cylinders,
seals, abrasives, machinery and HPU, and commissioning
and repair services as well as provides solutions to customers' problems
and integrated solutions in all aspects of the hydraulic field based on accumulated experience and achievements.

Hunger Group has subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Korea, China,
and India, and in other regions, we strive to provide services in close proximity
to customers through Hunger Group's Worldwide Sales Networks.

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