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Outstanding features of the Hunger vertical casting cylinders are, the in advance calculated high bending resistance under eccentric load initiation, an extremely precise anti-rotation device for the entire stroke, the wear resistant piston rod coating Ceraplate or the Hunger DFE
seal and guiding elements for a stick-slip-free casting movement. This generation of modern casting cylinders corresponds with the special requirements of new aluminium casting plants planned for high production capacities.
Beside the vertical casting cylinders, furnace tilting, door, locking and pouring spout cylinders, the appropriate hydraulic power packs and controls also belong to our scope of supply.

One of the main equipment features of the Hunger casting cylinders is the integrated anti-rotation protection over the entire stroke, which is available for single and double acting cylinders.
The extremely stiff piston rod guidance in the cylinder head ensure a constant guiding length over the stroke.
For the increase of the bending and anti-rotation resistance, the head guidance is additionally being supported by a piston guidance.
Furthermore, low friction seal and guiding elements of plastic compound-construction ensure a stickslip-free movement.

The vertical casting cylinders, furnace tilting, door and locking & pouring spout cylinders are manufacured and provided according to the main function. The optimal hydraulic power pack and control are achieved accordingly.
  • Casting Weight : up to 250 t
  • Casting Stroke : up to 15,000
  • Max. Plunger Diameter: > 1,000 mm
  • Piston Rod Coating : Ceraplate
- AGC (Automatic Gauge Control) - Roll force cylinder
Roll force cylinder is operated in the tough environment of steel mills, used in the manufacture of sheet and bar stock. Smooth and efficient operation of this cylinder is the important feature with reliability and long life.
At the initial design phase the focus is on a very robust design incorporating wear resistant bearing materials and optimized low friction sealing elements. Control manifold blocks with servo control valves, safety valves and pressure sensors can also be provided with roll force and AGC cylinders.
  • Customized heavy duty cylinder design, optimized for reliable long life
  • Piston and rod surface with hard chrome layer and/or hardened surface
  • Hunger DFE-low friction seal elements
  • Piston guiding with bronze or plastic compound bearings
  • Integrated position measuring system as an option
  • Integrated anti rotation device as an option
  • Integrated spherical bearings or roller bearings as an option

- Work roll change cylinder
Work roll change cylinder is used to extract old roll sets from the mill stand and to insert new roll sets.
The roll change depends on roll wear scale, the number of slabs or if the steel grade being rolled is changed.
Even though the cylinder is not directly used in the mill process, its continuous availability and reliability are very important to shortesten roll change out times.
  • Customized, robust and reliable cylinder design
  • Pre-bent cylinder rod to compensate gravity induced deflection
  • Hunger DFE-low friction seals and bearing elements

-Mandrel expansion cylinder
As Mandrel expansion cylinder is rotated with the mandrel and coil, it requires a hydraulic rotary distributor to be flanged to the bottom of cylinder to provide oil into the cylinder.
The cylinder and the rotary distributor must be performed reliably, and maintained throughout the steel sheet coiling process.
  • Oil feed channels integrated into the cylinder body
  • Hunger DFE-low friction seals and bearing elements
  • Hunger rotary distributor fl anged to cylinder bottom
  • Hunger rotary distributor with two or more channels for rotation speeds up to 400 min -1
  • Integrated position measuring systems available

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