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N-line / Wire-line Tensioner System

The modern N- line tensioner design is used to ensure a pre-defi ned tension to the marine riser and to compensate any rig motions like heave, roll or pitch.

Winch / Rope Control System

To lead the rope of large winches of ocean-going tug boats hydraulic cylinders with clamped double piston rod and moving cylinder body are used.

Knuckle Boom Crane Cylinder

Safe, lifting and handling of goods on drill ships and other offshore rigs.

Fire Fighting System

Hunger hydraulic cylinders as well as hydraulic drive and control systems are used for mobile fire fighting plants on ships and in vehicles since many years.

Piling Barge System

Piling barge cylinders are used for operating ram-cranes on working barges.

CMCE -> PAC System

The CMCE- (Crown Mounted Compensation and Equalization) cylinders are installed in the top of the derrick where they compensate vertical movements of the drilling rig relative to the ground fixed and standing still drilling rod.


Rotary Distributor

Valves (Check, Filling Pre-loaded)

High Torque Jack up Driver


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